Overwatch Program (Church Security Team Program)

The Overwatch Program (Church Security Team Program) is a TAC Response Solutions, LLC site-specific Church Security Program.  The Overwatch Program was developed by TAC to provide a complete solution for your Church’s security concerns.  This Program includes a Site Evaluation and Security Survey, Site-specific Security Plan (includes Response Recommendations for Fire/EMS and MEDEVAC), Security Team Implementation and a Custom Training Course designed for your Team (based on team experience and current SOP’s). Click here to request a course.

Our Overwatch Program Training Course will cover (at a minimum) the following:

  • Current Active Shooter Statistics
  • Case Study using a recent Active Shooter Church event
  • Soft Targets and how to harden
  • Controlling Access/Egress
  • Early Identification and Removal of Threats
  • Movement (Individual & 2-person teams)
  • Armed & Unarmed Response options
  • CCTV implementation and use
  • Communications
  • Isolation and Lockdown of High Threat Areas (Children’s Wing)
  • Personal Protection for Pastors/Leadership
  • Medical Considerations
  • Team Selection

Prerequisites – This Course is ONLY for Churches and all requests for Training/Site Evaluations must be originated from Church email/letterhead. 

Program Cost – Click HERE to contact us for quotes

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