Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Course

CRAS (Civilian Response to an Active Shooter) is an 8-hour Course that focuses on the SURVIVABILITY of everyone involved in an Active Shooter Event.  This course has been developed based on real world experience, current FBI and DHS statistics, and industry best practices.  CRAS combines Lectures, Scenarios and Hands-on training to increase awareness and give attendees the tools necessary to respond to and Active Shooter Event. Click here to request a course.

CRAS covers the following topics in-depth (Airsoft pistols will be used in this Course):

  • Psychology & Physiology of an Active Shooter Response
  • MOVE – ESCAPE – ATTACK versus older response methods
  • Movement – Hallways, Rooms, T-intersections, Corners
  • Cover vs Concealment
  • Threat Discrimination
  • Interior and Exterior Contact
  • Discuss S.M.A.R.C.H. protocols and how to apply them to an Active Shooter Response
  • Link-up with Law Enforcement
  • Learn TacMed procedures (TCCC Guidelines) using realistic props to render lifesaving care in a traumatic situation (Tourniquets, Wound Packing, Hemostatic Gauze, Chest Seals, Airway Management, etc.) These items can be easily stocked in an IFAK and are covered under the Good Samaritan Act.

This Course is applicable to Teachers, Citizens, Church Security Teams and Law Enforcement. 

Prerequisites - None

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