Brian’s passion overflowed into his teaching today and I think it was obvious to all. The hands on training prepared us to defend the lives of each child we are held accountable for. As a classroom teacher, before today, I felt like our emergency plan lacked necessary action that would avoid multiple casualties. I had no real plan of what I would do in a real life active shooter situation. Thanks to Brian’s training I feel like I not only have a plan, but one that could potentially save the lives of many. I found Brian’s ‘scenario training’ to be the most beneficial. Even though we all knew it was a drill it seemed as if our adrenaline was pumping and we were thinking outside of the box even in a drill situation. I am thankful for TAC Response Solutions training us today, and having a child in this district myself, I believe this training should be mandatory district wide.


I thought it was very informative. Brian did a great job presenting the necessary information I believe, that we need to save our students’ lives, coworkers, and ourselves. I appreciated his candidness, honesty, and openness to answer all of our questions no matter how silly or trivial they may have seemed. I feel empowered after attending today’s training and would HIGHLY recommend it to every school district. 


I was really unaware of the value that this training holds. It truly is priceless. Brian was amazing! The hands on training that he provided will stay with me throughout my career. As an educator I feel better prepared to do what is best for my students in an emergency. As a parent, I would want my child’s teacher and administrators to have the same knowledge and training. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the world we live in, and we cannot be so naive to think that this could not happen here.


I thought the training was very informative, hit close to home, and left us all with a different thought process that we haven't tapped into before. As a parent, I would feel much safer knowing my child's teachers have been through this training and have explored this level of thought on this topic. I feel safer, confident and more empowered as a teacher. While I do not know exactly how I would react in this situation if it actually happened, I am now confident in the fact that I do have some ideas and escape plans that help me feel more prepared to keep my students safe. I think it's naive to think this wouldn't or couldn't happen in LISD. I am thankful to have someone who forced me to think in a direction I never would have on my own. I am grateful for this and would like a refresher course every 2 years.


What a great learning experience and eye opening information that we received from Brian today. TAC Response Solutions is a MUST for any church/ and or security team! Thanks for what you do. 


Solid gear, solid training. Very much solidifies the idea that the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war. If you’re looking for a company that will tell you how it is and won’t sell you some BS tacticool crap, this is it.