RediTape Pocket Size Duct Tape - Silver

Fifteen feet of top-quality duct tape in the easiest, most convenient delivery system ever.

Cotton mesh forms the base of all duct tape. This tape's cotton mesh backing has a high thread count and a tighter weave to provide greater strength and allow for a clean, easy tear in both directions. Compare it to any competitor's duct tape and you will easily understand the why customers prefer the quality of this tape. The adhesive used here provides the most flexibility and allows for usage in the widest range of applications. Superior tensile strength, adhesion properties, and holding force ensures consistent, reliable seals. The adhesive bonds fast to surfaces and has a high tack while maintaining a softer feel to the overall tape.

Type: Tape

RediTape's Pocket Size Duct Tape provides high quality duct tape in a convenient, pocket-size, compact shape perfect for all applications: emergency preparation, bugout bags, medical kits and recreational needs. The core is not carboard, which can get soaked and render tape useless or difficult to use. This tape has a super-lightweight plastic waffle core, for strength and it is impervious to moisture. The ability to store everywhere (First Aid Kit, toolbox, backpack, glove box, tackle box, backpack, pocket, etc.) make this the perfect shape for everyday convenience.

Product Features

  • High Quality Duct Tape: strong, durable, easy to tear, weather resistant
  • Multi-Purpose for all applications: medical, preparedness, home, outdoors, auto, on the job
  • High Mesh Count: strong, durable
  • Stores EVERYWHERE: kit, toolbox, glove box, tackle box, backpack, pocket, …EVERYWHERE
  • Easy to Use, Store, and Handle
  • Water tight package

Product Specifications
Dimension: 1.88" x 5yds (tape)
Dimension: 4.5" H x 2.0" W x 0.55" D (packaged)

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