IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)/Throw Kit

Our IFAK/Throw Kit is designed to provide an Individual, Security Team Member, or Law Enforcement with medical supplies to treat multiple wounds/casualties following TCCC guidelines. We use the best medical supplies available for these kits, and are the same products used in our Courses as well as what we carry in the field. These kits are what we recommend to our School Teachers/Guardians and Church Security Teams for rapid medical response in the event of an Active Shooter.

Each kit is vacuum packed to protect the contents and includes the following supplies:

2 pair - North American Rescue Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves

2 - SOFTT-W Tourniquets (Flat-folded in Kit)

1 - OLAES Modular Bandage

1 - North American Rescue S-Rolled Gauze

1 - Combat Gauze (hemostatic)

1 - 4" Compression Wrap

1 - Coban 3" x 5 yds

1 - HyFin Chest Seal Twin Pack

1 - Flat Fold Duct Tape

1 - Trauma Shears

1 - Sharpie Marker

1 - Emergency Blanket

*Please contact us for custom IFAK options, we can configure our kits to fit any individual or team needs.

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