Active Shooter Survival for School Age Kids

Active Shooter Survival for School Age Kids
Ages: 12 - 14 & 15 - 17 (separate Courses)
Course Duration: 4 hours
1 Parent/Guardian WILL be required to attend with their child (Limit 1 Adult per family)
Cost - $50 per attendee (no charge for Parent/Guardian)
Location: TBD in Beaumont, Texas

Course Description:
We teach our Active Shooter Response to Law Enforcement, School Teachers/Administrators, Church Security Teams and Private Groups. Our vision is to take our experience and knowledge in Active Shooter Responses and bring this to an audience of School Age Kids. This will be done on an age appropriate level, and while containing mature topics it will be designed to fit each age group (12-14 & 15-17).

We will teach our attendees how to respond in a manner that increases their chances of SURVIVAL during a violent encounter at school. These techniques will parallel the methods we use for our LE Officers and School Faculty creating a greater chance of success during an Active Shooter Event.

Category: Active Shooter Response

Type: Courses

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